Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So I box often at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn. Last Saturday, my stablemate Rob and I, who both train with Roosevelt, sparred two kids who train another trainer, Dexter. It was the first real fight I had. Most sparring matches you're working with someone else, on your defense, or your movement or something but you're not just banging as hard as you can. But the kid I fought, Joseph a tall lanky black kid, wanted to take my head off. Sadly, he almost succeeded. Though I held my own throughout the fight, At the end of the third round he caught me with a good cross to the jaw and down I went. Anyway, I got beat and that's fine. But Roosevelt is pretty sore about it, especially because he and Dex sometimes work together. He says he's not mad because he knows boxing but I know he's disappointed. So I vow to work until I knock out Joseph the next time we meet. Rosie says, "Just wait until the rabbit gets the gun. Just wait."
These are some of the things I do or have done.