Saturday, June 09, 2007

I think every weekend I'll try some new treatment. Two Saturdays ago I got a pedicure. The girl who gave it to me was cute and you could see down her shirt. She had a gold Jewish star and a Russian accent. On the other hand, she was touching my feet, which are gross, which was gross. So, there was a little tango of shame and attraction. Common enough.

This weekend I got a facial at Acqua Beauty Bar which was weird and hurt a lot and cost $205. Extractions aren't fun. Getting your hair gently pulled is fun. My face now stings. But maybe looks better? The lady giving it to me said I was getting clogged pours because when I spar my trainer Rosie smears my face in Vaseline both to protect against cuts and so the gloves slip off more easily. It clogs pours though. But how am I going to say that to him?

Also, I boxed this morning and then booked it to ballet directly after. Jesus Christ. After ronde de jambs I was dead tired. But continued. I also learned I hate pirouettes en dehors but love pirouettes en dedans. Additional thoughts that crossed my mind is that watching girls who would be cute in real life doing ballet poorly is a major turn off. The opposite, happily, is also true as a nice arch or a long extension makes them much more attractive. And multiple turns? Forget about it. Let me get out of this dancebelt so we can bone.