Monday, November 17, 2008

More Wenn Poetry

  • The Hanson Brothers end their barefoot walk bringing attention to the poverty and AIDS crises in Africa, San Diego, California 16.11.08

  • Ted Danson seen buying groceries at Whole Foods in Brentwood, Los Angeles-16.11.08

  • Lindsay Lohan leaving her hotel carrying a can of CokeLondon, England - 16.11.08

  • Actor Arnold Vosloo taking his pit bull terrier for a walk. Santa Monica, California 15.11.08

  • Amy Winehouse steps out of her house and approaches a taxi, but then apaprently changes her mind. London, England--16.11.08

  • Victoria Beckham shops at Saks Fifth Avenue with her son Cruz Beckham, who is dressed in a Robin costume
    Los Angeles, California - 14.11.08

  • Yanni, the famous pianist, out jogging in Acapulco before performing a string of concerts in the Mexican city
    Acapulco, Mexico - 13.11.08