Monday, June 09, 2008

Lower East Side Roller Coaster Mall Mystery Revealed!

Back in the shitshow days of my youth when I lived in a tiny fifth floor walkup in the Lower East Side, I came home from work one day severely put out and what I thought was the latest nail in the coffin of the neighborhood: a large sign for a huge mall with a 200' roller coaster protruding out of the top of it. I was working at Gawker at the time and conjectured it was a prop from J.J. Abram's movie that was filming then. I was wrong. This weekend I went to see You Don't Mess with The Zohan, after reading a breathlessly Jewy review by A.O. Scott. Long story short, it's not J.J. Abram's that was responsible for the mall. It was Adam Sandler. (Slightly less satisfying) The mall is part of a plan by evil developer in the movie named Walbridge played by boxing announcer Michael Buffer.