Sunday, June 01, 2008

Was Ex-White House Press Man Scott McClellan Once Fuckable?

The year was 1986. The place was Austin, TX. Scottie McClellan was the man men wanted to be and women wanted to be with. A golden child with a tennis racket in one hand, a glint in his eye and a problematic future ahead of him. A high school classmate of Scott's write:

He was a senior when I was a sophmore and there was a golden light bathed around him at all times. He was sweet and smart and all the things that senior boys should be (when you're a brace face sophomore)... He was also on the tennis team (HOT!) and in the Senior Senate with - wait for it- Ian Moore. Ian was in the same class and was, as you can image, completely cool. He was a blonde, beautiful, entitled guy. Outstandingly attractive (although never a big one with the ladies?). Unrecognizable now. It all comes from the Austin High< Yearbook, The Comet/1986.

Sm Yearbook Tennis - Full Page018 Copy