Friday, January 14, 2011

The Stereotype is True: Bloggers are Cat-Friendly

The other week on Eater I put together a poll in response to the overwhelming stereotype that bloggers have more cats than non-bloggers. That — along with the idea that they a) live in their mother's basements and b) live in a fly-over state and c) never get dressed — form the base coat of most blogger stereotypes. I thought I would debunk that once and for all. Well, I didn't.

It turns out, according to The Humane Society, 33% of American households own at least one cat. However, our study found 66.4% of bloggers own at least one cat with a slightly higher percentage of those owning multiple cats. Sadly, the cats-owning editor of Eater, Raphael Brion decided against publishing these shocking revelations. However, the truth shall not be swept under the litter box, no matter how uncomfortable or allergic it might be.