Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Downside of Living in Williamsburg

I called Verizon today to get high speed cable and they told me that too many people in Williamsburg had requested cable and that I might get it, if I'm lucky, next month. The other hipsters in my building (it's the cast-iron one you see coming in Brooklyn on the JMZ right next to the Marcy Ave. stop) have cleverly password-protected their networks, networks with names like "The Bog" and "=============>>!!!<<==========" This means I can either be one of the legion of hipster/writers at Atlas, cadging free internet and drinking crap coffee or I can come to the News Corp building, where I am now, to be a hipster/writer, cadging free internet and drinking crap coffee but in the comfort of a fluorescent-lit cubicle-farm!