Sunday, March 02, 2008

Marcel Dzama Tattoos and Regained Youth All Mine

Feeling old, I've decided to recapture my youth. At least whatever it is I thought my youth was I want it back and whoever the youth I wish I was was I want to be now. Except more emotionally mature! So!

  • Moved to a loft in Williamsburg.....check! We moved on Monday. It took 14 hours from ten pm to noon the next morning. No sleep. All sleet. With a zipcar minivan. Two people. But! Now I'm finally in a place where one can't touch all four walls at once. Also, it's the first time I've ever seen my roommate Eric from afar! He's so small standing at the other side of the apartment.
  • Got a tattoo by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama.....check! This image is from a collection of prints put out by McSweeney's called The Berlin Years. It was also used in a book called Ugly Feelings by Siann Ngai. A guy named Daniel did it at NYC Adorned. Next Friday I'm getting the frog man. This Wednesday, Marcel Dzama will be at the opening of his show at David Zwirner gallery so hopefully the scabbing will have ceased by then so I can show it to him. I mean, either way it'll be creepy.
  • Shaved my head....check! Yeah, my hair was at that awkward stage where I looked like I was in my early fifties. I went to some horrendous barber on the Lower East Side for a trim but they kept on screwing it up so finally I said, "Fine, give me a one on the sides and a two up top." And he did. Now I look like a skinhead. In fact, when I look at myself in the mirror I'm both happy (I look kinda younger!) and angry (I look like the kind of dude who would kill my own ancestors!)