Friday, March 28, 2008

F/U/C: A.O. Scott, Bill Clinton, Lou Duva

The new Fuck, Marry, Kill has been replaced in these fatherless times with a paternal version: Father, Uncle, Cousin. In our first installment, we feature A.O. Scott, the New York Times film critic; Bill Clinton, a former United States President; and Lou Duva, a legendary boxing trainer. Things to keep in mind, I suppose, are level of support (both financially and emotionally); level of patience, tough love/coddling love. DNA isn't an issue since they aren't your biological fathers at any rate. Cousin is also not exactly equal to kill. It's more like a stranger but with an underlying current of affection. Uncle is clearly more paternal but without real responsibility (but also without the rewards that that intimacy brings). Father is clearly the most involved in your life, the man who metes out discipline but also love.