Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recent Activities

  • Saw Julie White in the new play called From Up Here. Recommended.
  • Saw Grupo Corpo at BAM. Somewhat recommended.
  • Ate at Franny's Pizza in Park Slope. Great pizza but their eagerness to inform you of their locally sourced sustainable produce/pork/energy is really grating.
  • Read Journey to the End of the Night and Death on the Installment Plan (Celine); Dan Yack and The Confessions of Dan Yack, (Blaise Cendrars); Berlin Stories (Christopher Isherwood).
  • Made my mom read Journey to the End of the Night. "It's so depressing!"
  • Ran into a now married ex working at Dumont Burger. Delicious burger...after all these years.
  • Gruyere and black peppercorn sausage at Cafe Katja. Six Points Ale. Righteous.
  • Watched Tampopo. Got excited for ramen and the newly opened Ippudo and also raw egg sucking.
  • Applied for a new credit card which was dumb since I can't even pay the one I have and this one has a $450 annual fee.
  • Debated going to see the Counterfeiters and decided against it. Will go tonight. Maybe with a German.
  • Ducked out of ballet class after the barre to finish an article on deadline.
  • While at Cafe Katja, a friend and I had a very loud discussion in which he used the word "taint" often, much to the distress of the dining dating couple next to us. The tables are close together.
  • Became embroiled in a discussion with said couple as to whether Pinkberry, Yolato or Red Mango is the best frozen yogurt. The lady part of the couple wouldn't engage with us since she had been listening from the start to our debased conversation and clearly thought little of us.
  • Uploaded a bunch of new and old clips to my site. Check out the pelican piece.
  • Totally 100% fell for Jezebel's April Fool's joke. (We sold ourselves to Conde Nast.)