Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gabe Stulman Out At Little Owl and Market Table

Gabe Stulman, the slightly b-boyish and boyishly charming partner of Little Owl and Market Table along with Joey Campanaro and Mikey Price is--according to a source--out at both. Of course this is purely a rumor. Quite possibly the three are just having a spat. But equally conceivably maybe the pressure of opening a follow-up restaurant to the much lauded Little Owl was too much for the young men to bear. [Here is a review by the inept Danyelle Freeman in which she misuses the words elephantine, misspells the word "palette" and uses a hyphen after adjectives ending in -ly which is a big no-no.] Anyway, just like in Steinbeck's The Pearl, it seems that what initially might have been thought of as a boon has indeed turned waywardly into a curse.

[Photo: Eater]