Wednesday, February 27, 2008

These Four Comments Encapsulate Who Comments on the City Room Blog

The New York Times' commenters are in general a lot more savvy and educated than Youtube commenters who dash all hopes and faith in democracy. [On a related note, William Buckley Jr. died today!] Today there was an article which doesn't merit the use of any adjective really about teabags as art by Jennifer 8. Lee. As of 6:16 pm there were four comments. Each encapsulates in a different shitty way the people who comment on the article.
Type 1: The Obstreperous Gotcha
This type is clearly embodied in DL who fancies himself more clever than NYT staffers and probably everyone else. Probably drinks some fucking obscure IPA and is really psyched on it. "Anyway, yeah, see what I did there?" he giggles as he presses return, "I incisively cut through all the nonsense of the subject matter to deflate the balloon of whimsy. They're not gonna fool me, oh no sirree!"
Type II: The Helpful Know-It-All
Just in case the real reason you're reading the Times Cityroom blog is for gardening tips, people like gk have your back. It's 4:55, five minutes away from leaving her desk at the community library (junior librarian in Park Slope) and don't you just know, I'm sure Times readers will appreciate this little tip.
Type III: The Inane Spewer
Hey, I have this insanely insipid thought and well, I just thought I'd share it. This interesting way to recycle & craft (notice use of craft as verb! Craft is the new party!) that was just written about actually is an interesting way to recycle & craft! And this thought, I think, deserves to be published!
Type IV: Best Geek Ever
My personal favorite, t sheller. "This article is so dull" she seems to think, "I feel inspired to comment (being only one of four) on the website. I think I'll write "WHATEVER" in all caps just so everyone can fully appreciate my boredom with it."

Reader, this is me Joshua speaking, it's really a fun exercise to try to imagine what state of mind and kind of person t sheller is to have commented in that manner. Does this person have a cat? Probably. Does this person order gag gifts from Archie McPhee? Once again, probably yes! Does this person eat alone and often at San Loco? I think she do! Is it Lisa Loeb? Maybe. Could it Edie Brickell? Probably it could! Ah! I feel uneasy.