Friday, February 01, 2008

Vapid Street Artist Banksy Endorses Ken Livingstone. Boris Johnson Doesn't Even Care

Two days ago I wrote about Shepard Fairey's endorsement of Barack Obama. Today, the Guardian reports that Banksy, the annoying secretive graffiti artist, is endorsing Ken Livingstone for Mayor of London.
According to the mayor's campaign team, Banksy is creating a work which will go on sale in March alongside pieces from Antony Gormley, who created the Angel of the North, and Jeremy Deller, who won the Turner prize in 2004.
Clearly Livingstone's political views are more in line with my own but in terms of caricatures I would like to see running the world's major cities, I have to say I am in favor of Boris Johnson, the insane-looking Tory pictured. Livingstone looks like a kindly Koch. Johnson looks like the Albino from The Princess Bride! Boris as Mayor of London would be like a white Jean-Bodel Bokassa!

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